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Today we get into the 20s, which is all about relationships; relationships between boys and girls, girls and girls, fantasy and reality, and even relationships between a beaver and a lizard.

But before the list, I promised I would talk briefly about all those webcomic voting sites.

I have nothing against voting sites, they are a great way to find new comics you may never have seen before, but they are in no way reflective of the popularity of a particular strip. This is because the voting systems are easy fooled, can be manipulated to increase the number of votes and so on. One of the most popular ways I have seen web comic sites get votes is to offer a “bonus” strip in return for your vote. Others simply ask for an e-mail address to confirm the vote, but if you have more than one e-mail address you use, you can vote multiple times. Plus there is also the popular notion that those on the top of the lists will automatically attract more votes simply because they hold the top spots.

Voting sites to measure popularity of a web comic – not good. Voting sites as a way to find new strips to read – very good.

With that out of the way, here is today’s installment.

30. Striptease
What happens when five people stop being nice, and work together on a comic strip? You end up with Striptease. This strip reads like a daytime soap opera sometimes, as one story line had a whole kidnapping/identical twin thing going.

29. Sore Thumbs
I like political satire, and Sore Thumbs does a great job of poking fun of current political issues, while mixing in a good dose of gaming and sexual perversity.

28. Theater Hopper
I loves me my movies, and Tom is great at finding a way at making us laugh at even the worst movies out there. He also has a great commentary to go along with the strip, sometimes ranking about a particular actor or theme, and sometimes giving a good review of a movie.

27. The unfeasible adventures of Beaver and Steve!
A beaver named Beaver and a lizard named Steve have all sorts of adventures. Great Brit humour.

26. Atland
Not a WoW strip per se, but Atland has enough of that roll playing vibe to it to keep me interested. I love the art, but wish it would update more (like every day).

25. Loserz
Cynical-Punk-Ass Teenagers. Enough said.

24. The Dreamland Chronicles
This is the only true 3D web comic that is in my list. Dreamland is the story of a young man who returns to the world of his childhood dreams when he sleeps. This is an all ages story that has over 400 pages of story for you to dive into.

23. Penny and Aggie
Similar to movies like Mean Girls, Penny and Aggie explore the clique-ish world of high school girls and those that love and despise them.

22. VG Cats
Web comics that use gaming as a theme are a plentiful, but only a few are really good. VG Cats is one that falls into the really good category. Ironically, as much as I like video game humor, it wasn’t the reason I fell into reading VG Cats. Instead it was the introduction of Pantsman – a superhero who wears pants on his head.

21. Year One
Major Spoilers is all about the comic industry, and those web comics that poke fun at the industry are great. Take the entire Marvel Universe and turn them into first graders all going to the same school and you have Year One. I especially like the current parody of the Marvel’s Civil War.

Ten more down, 20 to go! Who’s going to make it and who is going to get left out? I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of nasty e-mails next week.

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