Turok, Son of Stone


turok052.jpgIf you haven’t read the very fast interview I did with Tad Stones yesterday, you really need to read it. Like now would be good (I’ll wait).

Back? Did you catch the bit about Turok, Son of Stone? The Animation Guild (TAG) official blog has a quick quip about Turok as well.

Another project in the building is Turoc, Son of Stone, a property that’s seen service as a Gold Key comic and video game. Well, it’s now boing to be a 70-minute DVD produced for Classic Media being supervised by animation veteran Tad Stones.

Cool, a full on feature. With what Marvel and DC are doing with their direct to DVD animated features, I have a feeling more companies will jump on board with their characters as well. If Tad does to Turok, what he did with Hellboy, I think we will all be very very happy campers.

via TAG Blog (link)