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Day two of the 57 web comics you should be reading continues, with #40-31. Ah, the dreaded 30s. I hated those levels in World of Warcraft as I struggled to move up in the ranks.

Before we get to the list for today, I did receive an e-mail from Chris at Reasonably Clever, who asks, “Are most of your daily reads, comics that have been passed around by word-of-mouth or do you have a particular site you’ll check for new/interesting releases in the webcomic world?”

Glad you asked Chris, my Top 57 comes from two main sources; word of mouth, and ads. In the case of word of mouth, a student or colleague may say, “Hey, check out this comic, I think you’ll like it”. This of course means these people know what I think is funny or good. Other word of mouth comes from direct links in a commentary by the web author (kind of like what I just did with Reasonably Clever).

The other way I find my web comics is through the ads placed on other sites. For example, I found A Mission Deep via an ad link placed on Commissioned Comics. Some days I’m just bored as hell and begin trolling for new comics to read. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not so much.

What about voting sites? I’ll give you my thoughts on those in tomorrow’s installment. For now, let’s get to the list.

40. Candi
Candi made the cut by having an interesting art style and story that is good enough to get my wife hooked (and she only reads four or five web comics a day). This is one the typical relationship strips, but also has a ferret fighting squirrels. Bonus!

39. Cortland
Like Candi, Cortland has its fair share of relationship storylines, but my favorite parts are when Steve Jobs and his henchmen make an appearance.

38. The Off Chance
You know, I’ve been reading this strip for about five months now, and I still have no idea who the characters are, or their relationship with each other. It’s one of those wacky roommate strips that has a ghost and a floating thing in a jar to boot.

37. Make Like A Tree Comics!
There are certain sites I visit each day that have a compellation of many comics. Make Like A Tree Comics is one of those. The comic I like the most is the Replacements. Part superhero, part James Bond, the story has a lot of action, but just doesn’t update fast enough to move it out of the 37 spot.

36. Neo Monster Island!
What’s not to like about taking pictures of Godzilla toys, inserting word balloons to tell a story, and insulting just about anyone and everyone on the planet?

35. Silent Kimbly
This is one of those “cute” web comics I like because of Ryan’s ability to take a commonly used phrase and turning it into something fun.

34. Looking For Group
Another World of Warcraft-esque strip, Looking for Group only has a few pages under its belt, but it made my top 57 because it is done by Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza, who do another of my top strips and I like the art and humor.

33. Bored & Evil
Loser moves in with monsters. Potty humor and dismemberment abound. Good times!

32. Bunny
Beware the Orange Bunny, and Bunny Ninjas, and make sure you are up on current events to get the vague references. This was a strip that actually took me a while to get into, but now is one I enjoy each day.

31. Butternut Squash
I would describe Butternut Squash as one of those “a funny thing happened on the way to”/”a web comic about nothing” strips. It used to be in my top 10, but there appear to be a lot of personal crises in the lives of the creators, which keep it from updating regularly. That’s too bad because I really have enjoyed the adventures of Rob and Ramone.

Tomorrow, things get a bit blue and there is some 3D thrown in the mix.

Top 57 Web Comics: Day 1


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