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When I created the Major Spoilers Best of 2006 list, I placed Web Comics at number nine. There are just so many creators out there doing some great (and not so great) work. I also mentioned in the article (you really should read it), that I have over 50 web comics I visit every day. So why not count them down?

Over the next five days, I’ll bring you my top 57 web comics out there and by this time next week, you’ll either have a lot of reading to do, or a lot of fighting over who did or didn’t make the top 10.

Today, I’m bringing you #57 – 41. Unfortunately, at the bottom of the list many of these have faded – meaning they are not being updated, or have had a huge lapse since the last installment. Some (like A Mission Deep) have struggled to actually restart regular updates. Regardless, even for those that haven’t been updated in months, there is still a plethora of back issues for you to dive through and enjoy.

“Top 57? WTF?”

Hey it’s 56 more than those liars over at Heinz…

57. Sokora Refugees
The story of refugee elves from the land of Sokora living in our world, and the adventures they get into.

56. Chris terminatrkid Slate
On the net, no one knows you are a dog. For Chris, he has a couple of personalities, terminatrkid (a cyborg) and Slate (a stone cold message board freak). Thanks to a rip in the space-time continuum, all three of the characters must live and work together.

55. Combustible Orange My Pants Are Full of Toxic Waste
I have no idea how to describe this strip… take a few hits of acid and enjoy the show.

54. Welcome to Tiki Coladas!!!
Kind of like Cheers, but set in a Tiki bar with talking animals.

53. Full Frontal Nerdity
Gamer-geek comic written and drawn by Aaron Williams.

52. Marilith
Manga meets hitman – er hitwoman.

51. World of Warcraft – Heroes of WoW Comic
I love this World of Warcraft comic. You really need to understand WoW to get the humor. Hasn’t been updated in a long time.

50. Martin’s Misdirection
I love this tale of a magician and his talking rabbit. Yet another of the titles that I wish would come back and update more often.

49. Aluminum Siding
I wish I would have known the creators of Aluminum Siding created this web comic as a way of soliciting the strip for newspapers. Limited run, but man, I’m hooked.

48. Medium Large
Medium Large is another one of those quirky comics that take pop culture and spins it in a demented way that I love. Like Aluminum Siding (created by the same people), this strip has faded, but the archives are worth reading – especially Teenage Girl President.

47. The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu
Hello Kitty, meet Cthulhu.

46. girls with slingshots
I’m slowly getting into this strip. Fun, but takes time to get to know who everyone is.

45. A Mission Deep
Brian has made it his mission (no pun intended) to update his strip on a regular basis this year. A spoof of Sci-Fi franchises with characters that seem very familiar.

44. Apropos of Something
Scan a page from regular comics, remove all the dialogue, replace it with your own, and you have “Gold, Jerry, Gold!” Get your dose of Bat Botanist while you can.

43. Krakow
Summon a succubus and fall in love.

42. Sam and Sam
Another strip I have just recently found tells the tale of a little boy named Sam, and the Samurai that has traveled through time.

41. Panda Express!
A Story of a girl and her Panda. Well kind of. The stories and tales rotate around (especially during the holidays) but each is fun. Best of all Panda Express is by the same team that brings you Sam Noir.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow we hit the 30s!


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  1. Holy frijoles! There’s Apropos Comics at #44!

    Speaking as someone who couldn’t draw a stick figure if his life depended on it, I’m honored to be included. ;)

  2. Man, I feel a bit shit being under a World of Warcraft comic. Though I am glad you thought of us.

    And our drug of choice around here is not LSD, it is LSA, which can be extracted from the seeds of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose plant. Though some people prefer to use Morning Glory seeds. Those people are wrong. Hawaiian Baby all the way.

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