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Major Spoilers had a moment to catch up with the ever busy Tad Stones, producer for the upcoming Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron. In the rush, there was only time for a few quick questions that range from Tad’s past to future projects.

Major Spoilers: Darkwing Duck? That was you? Give us some details!

tad.jpgTad Stones: There was a Ducktales episode called “Double-O Ducks.” Jeffrey Katzenberg loved the name and told me to develop a spy show with ducks. A had low hopes – “a spy parody with no sense of family, relationships, or emotional drive.” I pitched the idea with Launchpad McQuack and Gizmoduck. Jeffrey said, “This is just a spy parody with no sense of family, relationships, or emotional drive.”
“Exactly,” I thought. The difference was that Jeffrey had me do it again. Forced to take it seriously without the beat for beat Bond parodies, I focused on Doc Savage, The Shadow and Green Hornet. But the show didn’t really come together until we added Gosalyn, Double-O Duck’s daughter.”

Great reception to the new idea but then we found out that we couldn’t legally use the words “Double-O” We had a contest to pick a new name. Alan Burnett suggested “Darkwing,” won $500 then soon left to help Bruce Timm create the first season of Batman.

Major Spoilers: Ok, a Hellboy Animated Question – Was your approach to Blood and Iron different than Sword of Storms?

Tad Stones: The process was about the same. I hung out with that Mignola guy and we worked out the story at his kitchen table. One difference is that we were able to include the writer earlier. That was Kevin Hopps who took our story and pitched it back to us in fuller form.

The tone of the movie is totally different. It’s much darker. The structure is different in that it’s not episodic like Sword of Storms which was sort of a trip down the rabbit hole.

Major Spoilers: How close are you to being completely finished with Blood and Iron?

Tad Stones: Tomorrow, Jan. 5, I start the Final Mix. We deliver to Cartoon Network on Jan. 12. They just announced an airdate of March 10.


Major Spoilers: You’ve been greenlit for a third installment (yes?), have you finished writing the script, and if so, can you give us some spoilers on what it will be about?

Tad Stones: We’ve been given the greenlight to script only. Yesterday I distributed the treatment. This one is the mad scientist side of Hellboy – floating heads, cyber-apes, a Nazi or two and a visit by Rasputin. The closest comic of Mike’s would be Conqueror Worm but no big monster.

Major Spoilers: Did you get anything good for the holidays?

ovenmittofdoom.jpgTad Stones: Three outstanding gifts rise above the rest – a ball cap with a super bright LED light on it that makes me feel like a police helicopter – seriously, I have no idea why this delights me so much, Jenny Sparks of phobe.com made me a fantastic RIGHT OVEN MITT of DOOM, and my wife presented me with a page of original Mike Mignola art from the Third Wish, an absolutely amazing page with no dialogue. Beautiful.

Major Spoilers: Besides working on the Hellboy Animated comic book we talked about in the previous interview, what other big projects are you working on, or getting geared up to work on?

Tad Stones: I’m starting production on Turok, Son of Stone based on the early Gold Key version but easily as bloody as the video games. I wish I had more time to make it but we’ve pulled together a great team of WB alumni to make up for it. Suddenly the place is filled with Justice League action figures!

Major Spoilers: Thanks so much!

You can check out the production diary of Hellboy by visiting Tad’s site at http://hellboyanimated.typepad.com


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