unknown.jpgCaptain Dynamo was the world’s greatest super-hero.  His adventures inspired millions, who stand in shock at the news of his death.  But as he’s being set to rest, his family learns that with great power came great infidelity.  Now, as Captain Dynamo’s ememies descend upon his city, his widow must round up his five illegitimate children – each with one of their father’s spectacular powers – to fill the void he left in their world, and to start filling the one he left in their lives.  Image proudly announces the mind-blowing debut of Jay Faerber’s new ongoing series, DYNAMO 5!

“Dynamo 5 is about the human aspect of being superhuman,” says series creator Jay Faerber.  “Most super-hero teams are made up of strangers who act like a family, but DYNAMO 5 is a family who act like strangers.  They never asked for these powers, they never knew the man they inherited them from, and they don’t know each other, but now they need to band together to overcome the total chaos that their father held back.  It’s a very action driven series that also emphasizes the big ideas that we’ve all had to grapple with in our own lives.”

Joining Faerber is rising star Mahmud Asrar, who brings his incredible new vision to comics.  “Mahmud’s art is unbelievably sharp and dynamic.” says Faerber. “He took my story and brought it to another level. This guy loves superheroes and is putting that passion into every page.”


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