newuniversal #2 Sneak Peek


NEWUN-2-COVpicon.jpgMarvel Comics has sent us a six page preview of Warren Ellis’ and Salvador Larroca’s newuniversal #2.  There aren’t any dialogue ballons in this preview, but the artwork is stunning.

Marvel Comics says, “Ellis and Larroca reintroduce the classic New Universe characters, but with a decidedly different spin.  The man who would become Starbrand has just lost his girlfriend and now has seemingly limitless power at his fingertips.  But as seen in this preview, people fear that which they don’t understand, which inevitably leads to tragedy.”

NEWUN 2 COV.jpgNEWUN 2 1.jpgNEWUN 2 2.jpgNEWUN 2 3.jpgNEWUN 2 4.jpgNEWUN 2 5.jpgNEWUN 2 6.jpg

newuniversal #2 goes on sale January 4, 2007 for $2.99.