FRv2001_01_32_cvr.jpgSeth Green and Hugh Sterbakov will be appearing at Atomic Comics Chandler Fashion Center on Wednesday, December 13th 2006 from 5PM to 7:30PM. The popular duo will be appearing at the legendary comic book retail chain to promote the release of their new series Freshmen II, which Green and Sterbakov co-created together. The event will coincide with the release of Freshmen II #2, which will debut in comic shops across the country that day.

Freshmen II continues the story begun in the original Freshmen mini-series published by Top Cow Productions Inc. in 2005. Cast out of the main dorms and forced to live in temporary housing in the Boughl Science Building, 14 members of the freshmen class of Freese College have been imbued with miraculous superpowers by the explosion of a mysterious device called the Ax-Cell-Erator! Now, the second series picks up where the first left off and is back with an all-new adventure that will quickly teach the Freshmen what’s at stake when you put on a costume! Wannabe, the powerless team leader who has always dreamed of being a superhero, is having visions of the eccentric Mr. Fiddlesticks, a character from a series of childrens’ books. But what does it mean? Is Mr. Fiddlesticks warning Norrin of danger, or bringing it himself? Freshmen is an uproarious combination of superpowers and college…with a talking beaver!

Atomic Comics, the World’s Greatest Comic Superstores, is a four store chain in Arizona. Atomic is a leader in the retail comic industry, well known for its innovative events and high profile signings over the course of its 20+ year history. Fans and industry followers may recall Atomic Comics was hit hard last month when a young couple drove their car through the front window of the chain’s flagship location, the Mesa Superstore. The damage was greatly increased due to the car hitting a water main in the shopping complex, which dumped several 100,000 gallons of water into the comic store. Owner, Mike Malve, and his dedicated staff are working diligently with their insurance company to inventory the damage and hope to re-open a revamped and improved Mesa Superstore in mid-December. The Green and Sterbakov signing, originally planned to take place at the Mesa store, was quickly moved to the Chandler location.

“Atomic Comics has been a vocal supporter of Freshmen since the beginning of our first series, and we’re thrilled to finally get our rumps out there to support them in turn”, said co-creator and writer, Hugh Sterbakov, “We really enjoy checking out comic stores run by folks who love comics, and nobody loves comics more than Mike Malve and his crew at Atomic”.

“Freshmen is a very personal project for Hugh and me. We love the opportunity to meet fans face-to-face and share in their personal experience”, added an excited Seth Green, “We’re coming to Arizona, we’ve got wrist braces and a whole sack of Sharpies”!

“We’re very fortunate we have four stores and are able to pick up an event like this and relocate. It’s been a crazy time, but it’s been fairly easy with Seth, Hugh, and Top Cow being so accommodating and willing to change up details on the fly. We’ve hosted some of the biggest talent in comics in our 20-plus years and we expect this to be one of our best events yet”, commented Mike Malve, owner of Atomic Comics.

Copies of Freshmen Vol 1 TP, Freshmen II #1, and Freshmen II #2 will be available for purchase at the signing. For additional details on the signing and directions to the Chandler location as well as an interview with Green and Sterbakov, fans can go to The official Freshmen comic website is and additional information on the series can be found at Freshmen #1 is currently available for free at


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