Miss Deadwood on HBO? Preacher on the Way


preachercover.jpgI am so upset that HBO decided to not renew their popular western Deadwood.  It was probably one of the best shows HBO had going for it (besides Entourage of course).  Today, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting the cable channel will be developing a one-hour series based on Vertigo comics Preacher.

Mark Steven Johnson, who wrote the script for the upcoming Ghost Rider movie is writing the pilot, with Howard Deutch attached as the director.
This is great news for fans of the political/religious title and will certainly open the eyes of those viewers who think comics are still just for kids.

At this point, no information has been released on who will tackle the role of Preacher, so go ahead and let your comments be heard.  I for one would really like to see William Sanderson cast as Arseface.  I think with a shave and haircut, he’d be spot on.

Unfortunately, HBO will probably cancel the show way too early (Deadwood, Carnivale) and by the time the fans really get into the show, it will be too late.

via Hollywood Reporter (link)