madman_cbm.jpgAllred’s Pop Masterpiece Jolts to Life At Image!

This April, Michael Allred’s pop classic MADMAN bolts back to stores from Image Comics! A modern masterpiece, MADMAN was Adult Swim before cartoons were cool. Now Image is taking the character to the next level with an all new series, and a hardcover collection of every MADMAN adventure!

For Allred, it’s a dream come true. “From the first page I drew, I knew MADMAN was exactly what I wanted to do in comics. I’m proud to be working with Image – the only company that really gets what creator freedom is all about – to bring Frank’s stories back in the way I’ve always wanted to show them!”

First up in the MADMAN revival is MADMAN GARGANTUA! a mammoth 852-page, full color hardcover collecting every MADMAN tale from Madman, Madman Adventures, and Madman Comics in a single, oversized, handsomely produced volume. A must for lovers of Allred’s unique brand of pop illustration, MADMAN GARGANTUA! is the holy grail!

Launching immediately on the heels of MADMAN GARGANTUA! is the all new monthly series MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS! “Artistically, this is my best work ever,” Allred says. “The first storyline is called Jumping Silent Cars That Sleep At Traffic Lights, and it will turn the Madman world upside down. It’s designed so that new readers can jump on, but buckle up, because it’s gonna be a strange and scary rollercoaster ride!”

Madman.jpg“Image has always been the company designed by creators, for creators, and we’re honored to welcome Mike aboard!” says Image Executive Director Eric Stephenson. “He’s always had a great vision for his comics, and we’re excited to be the ones to bring his vision out to the world.”

MADMAN GARGANTUA! is scheduled for February release. MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS is scheduled for an April release. Full ordering information and product details will be announced in the February edition of Diamond Previews.


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