coverpicon.jpgLegendary artist Richard Corben, artist of the Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe series, joins writer Daniel Way for a two-part Ghost Rider story beginning with issue #6! Learn the truth behind Johnny Blaze’s descent into Hell and latest escape back to the world of the living along with a four page sneak peek after the jump!

It all began with a promise. In exchange for the life of Crash Simpson, Johnny Blaze promised his soul to Satan and when Simpson died, Johnny went to Hell.  But he didn’t go alone. Blaze took Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance with him.

Now, Ghost Rider is back on the plane of the living with plenty of business to take care of, but there’s one thing holding him back: Johnny Blaze. Will Johnny step aside and let the Ghost Rider do what he was meant to do or is he too afraid of going back to hell, again? Find out in Ghost Rider #6!

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