Magician: Apprentice has quickly become a hit as buzz continues to build in comic shops all over the country. Bringing the popular novels of Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar saga to the comics’ page, Magician: Apprentice is the story of young Pug who wishes to learn the ways of magic and his warrior friend Tomas as an invasion of unknown assailants invade their world. The last issue to hit stands, Magician: Apprentice #3, has sold out at Diamond as the series continues to wow Riftwar fans while making many new fans along the way.

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Marvel and the Dabel Brothers are going back to press on this pivotal issue with a new wraparound cover by Brett Booth to ensure that retailers have this issue in stock so everyone can follow the beginning of the Riftwar in the pages of Magician: Apprentice.

The sold out first printing of Anita Blake #1 was listed in Comic Buyer’s Guide as #7 in their “Dozens to Dig For” and the sold out first printing of Magician: Apprentice #3 is sure to become just as hot.

Adapted by Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Ares) and Bryan J.L. Glass with stunning art by Brett Booth (Heroes Reborn: Fantastic Four), Magician: Apprentice is the beginning of a story that has spawned over a dozen novels and has been a favorite of fantasy fans for over twenty years.

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