WALKING DEAD vol. 5: BEST DEFENSE has sold out of it’s entire print run, in less than a month. America’s best selling black and white comic book continues to run up the score.

With so many sell-out print runs for WALKING DEAD and INVINCIBLE already in his pocket, writer Robert Kirkman makes this look easy. It ain’t, boyo. Kirkman along with artists Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn have put blood, sweat and tears into creating one of the most compelling epics in the history of American comics. Each edition of WALKING DEAD delivers with compelling characters, haunting art, and cliffhangers that leave your jaw on the floor.

WALKING DEAD is a zombie story that never ends and the sellouts don’t seem to be ending either.

“Wait. Hold up.” you say.

“Great news for the WALKING DEAD family, but what about the fans?” you say.

“What if I haven’t picked up my copy yet?” you say.

Don’t you fret, partner.  We’re going back to press. If you want more, we’ll make more! The second printing for WALKING DEAD vol. 5 BEST DEFENSE arrives in stores November 14, 2006.


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