infamypicon.jpgComflix Studios, Inc/Comflix.Net, the studio that brought you the digitally enhanced “Comflix” version of Dracula vs. King Arthur has just announced a new production licensing deal with Benjamin Raab, Deric A. Hughes and Ludovico Technique’s Robert Meyer Burnett, the creators and publisher of the highly regarded comic book series Living in Infamy.

“Comflix Studios is very excited about being in business with the multi-talented duo of Ben Raab and Deric Hughes, as well as with Ludovico Technique, the publisher behind this highly successful independent comic book. When I discovered Living In Infamy, with its exceptional story telling and artwork, I jumped at the chance to make this the next franchise in our ever expanding pipeline,” says Comflix CEO Sott Schneider.  “The story of Infamy, Arizona, a town populated with ‘super villains’ who have entered the witness protection program was too irresistible to pass up. The introduction of this type of content will allow Comflix Studios to move beyond the epic fantasy stories that we currently produce and expand into the traditional ‘super hero’ comic book genre.”

infamy.gifAn entertainment production company specializing in bringing print comic books to life through the integration of special effects, Comflix Studios has signed a two-year licensing agreement to create digitally enhanced webisodes based on the four-issue Living In Infamy miniseries for distribution on-line. The book’s full-color panels will be enhanced with recorded dialogue, sound design and digital special effects.  The newly enhanced comic book episodes will then be available for sale and download for portable video devices, PC’s and cell phones at Comflix.Net.

The first episode of LIVING IN INFAMY will be directed by Brian Frey, the accomplished multimedia artist behind last year’s highly acclaimed teaser for Image’s BATTLE HYMN mini-series, as well as cover collaborations with artist Tony Harris on four of DC’s STARMAN trades, and three issues of BATTLE HYMN with Jeremy Haun. The production will be overseen by Comflix Studios production team led by its co-founder and Chief Creative Office David Fisher, “Brian is a true talent, and we felt that he is the perfect guy to bring Living in Infamy to life” says Fisher, “My job is to make sure that the Comflix versions enhance the comic book while at the same time, keep the integrity of the original source material in tact.”

The first Comflix episode of Living in Infamy is scheduled to premiere by the end of the year.


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