Nec00.jpgHalloween Man has fought vampires, giant bugs, ghosts, and even the dreaded continuity error. Now the flesh eating, cult hero faces his greatest challenge yet… hitting the mainstream. Silent Devil has signed a deal with creator Drew Edwards, to deliver a collected edition next Halloween. The project gets a boost by rising star artist Nicola Scott( Birds of Prey, Star Wars.)

“When Drew brought up the idea of a Halloween Man collected edition I knew it was a no-brainer,” says Publisher Christian Beranek. “Not only would Silent Devil get to showcase the amazing art of Nicola Scott, but we’d also be promoting one of the best concepts I’d ever read.”

The “Drew” in question is Drew Edwards, who created the zombiefied adventurer when he was fresh out of high school.  The series, a quirky mix of horror, romantic comedy, and retro-tinged super heroic, was launched in 1999. It quickly gained a following via the internet.

Edwards credits both age and art in finally being able to bring Halloween Man to the stands: “The timing is just right here. When I first started doing Halloween Man, I was really learning the ropes as a writer. By the time I started working with Nicola, I had hit my stride as a creator. The stories I’ve done with her are among the best I’ve  ever written. Plus her art adds a the look of a polished, classic, comic book. To use a musical analogy, it’s like having the Ramones jam with Queen.”

“I started drawing Halloween Man not long after I started drawing comics and from that first gig I knew I was in love,” says artist Nicola Scott. “Drew always manages to capture the right balance of humour, horror, sweet love’n and cult cool. Never before have I found zombies so damn sexy.”

The collected edition (tentatively titled Halloween Man: Superdeformed) will gather all of Scott’s Halloween Man work, plus an all new tale by Scott recapping Halloween Man’s beginnings for new readers. It’s set to hit stores September of 2007.

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