hellblazer.jpgThe dangerous, supernatural world of John Constantine just landed its newest recruit – and it could mean trouble for everyone’s favorite mystical raconteur.

Vertigo is proud to announce that versatile and renowned writer Andy Diggle will be the new regular writer on HELLBLAZER, the imprint’s longest-running series, starting with issue #230, hitting stores in March.

Diggle, best known for lengthy and acclaimed runs on titles such as THE LOSERS, SWAMP THING, LADY CONSTANTINE and ADAM STRANGE will be taking the character of John Constantine back to his roots with a potent mix of supernatural horror and social relevance. And while Diggle will be mining Constantine’s rich history, these stories will clearly serve as an ideal jumping-on point for new and former readers of the series.

Diggle will be working with the title’s current art team, featuring interiors by Leonardo Manco and covers by Lee Bermejo.

“Andy’s already proven that he’s one of the strongest new writers to have burst onto the scene in the past few years,” said Karen Berger, Senior Vice President – Executive Editor for Vertigo. “He’s also shown us that he writes one mean Constantine. Joining artist Leonardo Manco, whose powerful art illustrates HELLBLAZER monthly, Andy brings his own blend of supernatural and everyday horrors to the series, with a first issue that is sure to capture the attention of new and die-hard readers of the character.”

“John Constantine’s got a lot to answer for. He’s the bloke who first got me into American comics, for starters,” Diggle said. “Seriously. It may have been the lurid title, the giant green muck-monster and the dead dinosaur on the cover that first made me pick it up a random copy of Alan Moore’s SWAMP THING – but it was the cocky, chain-smoking Englishman with the trench coat and the attitude that kept me coming back for more. He’s the best character in comics, bar none, and he’s been blessed with some of the finest writers. Me? I’m bloody terrified…”


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