Celebrates Ultimate Spider-Man 100 With New Trailers


To celebrate the 100th issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, has created an awesome trailer that pretty much sums up the Clone Saga to date.

The Clone Saga has become the most shocking thing to happen to Ultimate Spider-Man.

Consequently, it is the worst thing to ever happen to the life of Peter Parker.

Everything has been building towards this since the Ultimate Universe began back in Ultimate Spider-Man #1. Peter Parker’s father, long-thought dead, has returned. Another important person from Peter’s life also has seemed to cheat death as Gwen Stacy is back…but what horrific secret is the cause of her return? Mary Jane is kidnapped by a deranged clone of Peter. Nick Fury shows up with a S.H.I.E.L.D. battalion with motives unknown. And Aunt May disowns Peter and then suffers a heartattack.

As someone who does a lot of motion graphics and animation in my day job, I really dig the hard work Marvel is putting in to these pieces. Now if they would only start playing them on TV as a legit commercial break, they could get even more readers on board.

Click the link to see all the clone-y goodness!