DKWV001000COV.jpgTop Cow Artist Signs on for Another Three Years

Artist Tyler Kirkham has found a home, and he’s staying there.

Kirkham, the artist behind such titles as Strykeforce and V.I.C.E., has renewed his exclusive contract with Top Cow Productions for another three years. Kirkham will remain at Top Cow through at least October, 2009, and likely well beyond.

“Top Cow is home for me. This is where I started, and this is where I’m staying,” Kirkham said. “Right from the beginning, it was the people at Top Cow that helped me get my start in comics.”

WB098000COVKirkham.jpgKirkham is currently penciling Phoenix: Warsong, a Marvel Comics series Top Cow is producing under a packaging arrangement with Marvel.

“Tyler is someone that we have a ton of faith in and are very proud of the incredible work he’s produced for us,” said Top Cow VP Sales and Marketing Filip Sablik. “Every new project he tackles exceeds his previous accomplishments and our expectations. I can’t wait to see what he does in the next few years!”


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