Silent Devil will announce Little Foot Publishing, its new line of creator-owned graphic novels at SPX in Bethesda, Maryland this weekend. The debut title, Mr. Big, is a 152-page digest sized graphic novel by cartoonists Carol and Matt Dembicki.

final5.jpgWhen a couple of adolescent fish go missing, the pond denizens blame Mr. Big—a giant snapping turtle that rules the pond—for their disappearance. The disgruntled animals decide it’s time to overthrow him, hoping to end the fear that permeates the pond. Despite warnings from a sage crayfish that disrupting the balance of the pond may lead to something even more fearsome replacing Mr. Big, the animals engage the help of some crows to kill the giant. But the crafty murder has its own motive for eliminating the snapper. “No one said Mother Nature was fair,” explains Matt Dembicki.

littlefootsecond.jpg“Little Foot is a way for Silent Devil to showcase an amazing range of graphic novels done by some of the best cartoonists working today,” says Publisher Christian Beranek. “Mr. Big is our first book and we’re very excited about it. We plan on producing 2 – 4 novels a year under this line.”

SPX runs October 13 – 14 at the Marriott Bethesda North Hotel & Conference Center Carol and Matt Dembicki will be on hand with preview material for Mr. Big. Please visit and for more details.


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