Sword of Storms Update


hbmadpicon.jpgTad Stones has posted more information about the Hellboy Animated series at his blog site. The picture is going through some final color tweaking before being sent for sound mix. Even though Tad says he pushed to make the animated feature as dark as possilbe, he admits one scene may be too dark.

I’m the one that pushed the picture so dark, but I think I overdid it. When it gets to the point to where you can’t see the seven foot tall red guy, a producer has second thoughts. There was that one sequence, at the crossroads at midnight, that I was afraid was too dark. It’s still dark but we were able to bring up the luminance of Hellboy’s skin which fixed most of the scenes. It’s not like you won’t know which guy is Hellboy and, hey, it’s a spooky movie. You should be watching in the dark!

With the picture complete, it’s time for the final sound mix. Stones wants everyone to know they should get a really great sound system, because they plan on mixing in 6.1 surround with stuff swooping all over the place.




Even though the premiere showing of Hellboy: Sword of Storms will be presented in the letterbox format, subsequent showing will be the awful pan and scan that we “purists” detest so much. Don’t worry though, the DVD release will include the movie the way Stones intended and will even include commentary from Stones and Mike Mignola.

via Hellboy Animated (link)