thescribbler.jpgYou’re only using a small portion of your brain… ever wonder what the rest is up to?

Meet Suki. She has multiple  personalities. She hears voices. She’s crazy… but not for long. Suki is almost ready rejoin society thanks to the Siamese Burn, an experimental machine which is burning those voices away one by one.  All except for THE SCRIBBLER; that one is getting louder. For a voice, it doesn’t talk much – instead, its messages come in the form of backwards scribbles.

And what it’s scribbling is “Let me out!” That is the premise behind THE SCRIBBLER, a 96-page original graphic novel by writer/artist Dan Schaffer (INDIGO VERTIGO, Dogwitch) out this November from Image Comics.

“THE SCRIBBLER is not a superhero story, but it might be superhero story in negative,” explains Schaffer. “The heroes are all nutters, characters with secret identities that are so secret, even they don’t know about them! And they’re engaged in a fight between good and evil, but it might not even exist. It’s not so much a dissection of superheroes themselves, because this is really not a superhero book, but is an exploration of archetypes, the reasons we invent them, and how we use them to create and fight invisible wars.”

Confined to Juniper Tower, a halfway house for crazies where suicides are a daily occurrence, Suki starts losing time – whole days – and somebody’s been modifying the Siamese Burn in her absence. With the  help of Hogan, an old hospital boyfriend, and a cranky hallway stalker called Alice The Pusher, Suki plays a dangerous game experimenting with the machine, trying to understand its ultimate purpose. But each time she plugs herself in, the machine changes… and so does she. The Scribbler is growing and fighting to get out.

“THE SCRIBBLER explores our perceptions of identity and how that affects the way we experience ideas of good and evil. It asks the question, who are you? And then gives you a moment to doubt your answer,” says Schaffer.

THE SCRIBBLER is a 96-page black & white original graphic novel retailing for $7.99 and is available for pre-ordering now in the September Previews. It is scheduled to be in-stores November 15th, 2006.


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