249725956_1f6b8a8559.jpgPowerful magic makes for powerful sales of new series

Evoking feelings of experiencing the best of both pop comics and pop culture, PHONOGRAM has struck a chord with retailers and fans alike. Now, both PHONOGRAM #1 and PHONOGRAM #2 have sold out at Diamond!

With high demand and heaps of critical praise, Image Comics is going back to press on both of the issues. Each issue will feature the same  cover as the original with some slight color changes, otherwise no changes will be made to the content except for an indicator in the  indicia that the books are Second Printings.

“When Image told us we’d sold out, we were horrified,” says writer Kieron Gillen. “We put our Fugazi albums loudly on repeat and started to prepare a statement that, as punky ex-fanzine kids, we will NEVER sell out. Eventually Image managed to explain that they weren’t casting dispersions at our unimpeachable artistic integrity, but they’d just ran out of copies to sell.”

“In which case we thought we better print some more,” adds artist Jamie McKelvie.

249725958_cdcecf08ee.jpgThe new printings of PHONOGRAM #1 and PHONOGRAM #2 are scheduled to be in stores in late October.

Critics are calling PHONOGRAM “Original and appealing” (Toronto,   Vancouver and Ottawa Metro), “Wicked, witty fun” (The Onion AV Club),  “Passionate and imaginative stuff” (X-Axis) and “A hit” (Newsarama).  PHONOGRAM traces the misadventures of Phonomancer David Kohl as he hunts for whoever is interfering with his old patron, the long-dead  Goddess of Britpop, Britannia. If he fails, history itself will be  rewritten – with him entirely out of it.

“Phonogram’s the comic we’ve wanted to create since literally the first moment McKelvie and I met,” says Gillen, “It was something we were compelled to do. For this labour of love – by two unknowns – about a mid-nineties pop-cult to not just find an audience, but a sizeable and voracious one is somewhat overwhelming. And pleasing. Enormously pleasing.”

“The only thing that makes me happier than Phonogram selling out,” says Jamie McKelvie, “is having more copies printed so even more people can read it.”

Orders for PHONOGRAM #1 2ND PRINTING (AUG068062) and PHONOGRAM #2 2ND PRINTING (AUG068063) are available now, as are advance orders on PHONOGRAM #3 (AUG061774) and PHONOGRAM #4 (SEP061825). Your local retailer can contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative for ordering. For more information, please visit www.phonogramcomic.com


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