All-Ages Comic Book Site Brings Family Friendly Resources to the Web

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: While attending a literacy seminar in October of 2005, school teacher Scott Tingley became interested in using comic books as a tool for teaching literacy to school age children.

Taking this new motivation to the streets, Tingley visited local comic shops and elicited donations of appropriate comics for a few schools in his district. Although this met with great success, Tingley still felt compelled to do more.


Combining his newfound drive to bring comics into the classroom, Tingley began working with a web-building program and designed his first incarnation of This site originally featured recommendations for family friendly comic books and lesson plans based on popular all-ages comics such as Owly and Lions, Tigers and Bears.

With the rapid expansion of the all-ages comic market and the growing desire from fellow teachers, parents and children for more all-ages comic content, at the urging of friends and peers, Tingley took the site one step further and revamped it to become the internet’s only all-ages comic news site.

Re-launched in September of 2006, the new incarnation of now features regular columns by all-ages experts such as Tracy “All-Ages Reads” Edmunds and John “Figaro” Norris. Interviews with all-ages creators such as JM “ABADAZAD” DeMatteis, Kevin “Hammer Kid” Grevioux and Mike “Lions, Tigers and Bears” Bullock will be joined by regular press releases, reviews and news regarding the latest information on all-ages comic books.

Combining the new features and content with the existing focus on the creation of lesson plans and other educational tools, Comics in the Classroom is striving to become the place where teachers, parents, students and comic fans of every age can find the latest news and resources focusing on all-ages comic book content.

Tingley also offers resources for teachers, parents and librarians to help them pick and choose what books are right for their needs with previews, reviews and overviews of various all-ages comic books. To assist in this area, Tingley has compiled a “Family Friendly Retailers” list to help visitors locate a comic shop in their area where they can purchase these books. In addition, the site will provide outreach programs to help various organizations put comic books into the hands of young readers.

Stop by today, you’ll be sure to find something of interest, no matter what your age.