picon.jpgGwen Stacy is back, with no memory of what has occurred in the Ultimate Universe since her demise. What’s worse, the Clone Saga gets more intense as S.H.E.I.L.D. finds out Peter Parker is being cloned, and Aunt May shows up…

Ultimate Spider-Man #99: Clone Saga: Part 3
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Mark Bagley (p), John Dell and Drew Hennessy (i), Justin Ponsor (c)

cover.jpgWhat do you say when you find a dead friend hanging around your old house? For Peter Parker, the answer is, “Who are you!?” After discovering he has been cloned, Peter is instantly suspicious of someone who looks and sounds like his former dead friend. This leads to Peter having to tell Gwen she’s been dead for some time, and questioning where she’s been.

But before we get the answer, we jump to Mary Jane in the bell jar begging to be released. More who are you questions arise as the mysterious figure from the last issue is revealed as Parker Clone Number Three



And speaking of Parker Clones, the Fantastic Four are still analyzing Parker Clone Number Two/Scorpion, who wakes up with no memory of what he has done. He starts freaking out talking mumbo-jumbo about the others and the zoo before passing out. Reed and Sue have a great dialogue exchange that shows they think quite alike as they step on each other’s lines.

Back at Casa de Old Parker Home, Peter and Gwen try to sort out where Gwen has been. All she can remember is waking up in a hospital, dead bodies, gunfire, and then black. But before any more probing can occur, the reunion is interrupted by Aunt May who really wants to know what’s going on.

She of course freaks out, and in order to calm her down and explain the situation Peter Parker reveals to Aunt May he is indeed Spider-Man. May tells Peter to prove it, so he jumps on the ceiling hanging there with a grin on his face. Instead of being relieved, happy, or understanding, Aunt May tells Peter to get out of her house and life. But before her anger gets too out of control, in walks Peter Parker’s dad.


Wow. Bendis drops one bomb after another as this series unfolds making Ultimate Spider-Man one of the must read books out there.

Aunt May doesn’t seem too shocked at Richard Paker’s return, which makes you (and Peter Parker) wonder if he has been alive all this time, or if he is a clone. If he’s been alive, and knowing his work on the symbiote project, is he behind the clone saga? If he’s a clone, then someone is really messing with Peter’s head.

Regardless, Nick Fury is not pleased to discover Parker clones exist, setting us up for issue 100.


Ultimate Spider-Man is on a roll, and I can’t get enough of Bendis’ work on this Marvel title. Art work is once again on the mark, and I just can’t wait until issue 100.



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