Screw You NBC, and Your Damn Heroes Show


So NBC made a huge to-do over Heroes being made available on iTunes for free beginning September 1. The day came and went, and still no word on where the free show was.

So here is the low down on this “wonderfully” thought out campaign by NBC to get people to watch their show. In order to see the Heroes pilot, you must first go to Regal Cinemas and obtain a code card. It really isn’t clear if the code card is free, or if you have to purchase a movie ticket to obtain one. Word on some message boards is it is free, while others are somewhat secretive retarded on the matter.

You then take this 12 digit code and enter it in the Redeem section of iTunes, upon which you will be given permission to download the pilot.

Okay…so what if you don’t have a Regal Cinema in your town, next town over, or the next town after that? You are screwed that’s what. In Kansas there isn’t a single Regal Cinema listed until you hit Kansas City, MO. Nebraska, North and South Dakota, you’re screwed as well. If you don’t have Regal, you might try AMC or Cinemark, which are also part of the promotion. And what if you don’t have the urge/need/money/desire to go to the movie theatre to begin with?

Hey NBC, if you really want people to watch your show, and you claim it is going to be a free download, then don’t make your audience jump through hoops to do it!

Morons…F’ing morons all of ’em…


So what would have been a better solution you ask? Let’s see, comic fans are probably a huge target, why not ship the code in issues of comic books? No, wait… that is too easy. What about running the code in local newspapers? No, that probably is too obvious. Oh wait, how about making the damn show available for free without screwing potential fans?

Forget trying to do something the legal way. If you are still dying to see Heroes you can find the show all over the place via bitTorrent.