Week Seventeen is all about space, and the vast distances between pockets of life.

Animal Man, Adam Strange, and Starfire are slowly making their way home, and by day 2 find themselves trying to navigate through an asteroid field. If you’ve ever tried to tell your friend how to play a videogame, then you have an idea what Buddy Baker (Animal Man) is going through as he gives directions to blind pilot Adam Strange. Lending a hand outside is Starfire who is attempting to blast through the thicker clumps.

The problem for the trio is they are using a sub light drive system, which means even if they make it home in the next decade, tens of thousands of years may have passed. But that’s okay, since the oxygen in the ship will only last another four days. In other words, they are in deep doo-doo.

To make maters worse Devilance shows up to reclaim his spear which has been powering their ship. Just when it looks like the trio is done for; Devilance is hacked into little tiny pieces before their eyes. Who came to the rescue? None other than Lobo – the most feared bounty hunter in the universe.

There is a great silent exchange between Lobo and Starfire, in which she loses her shirt, and an agreement is reached whereby Lobo will escort them to safety.


In the two other side stories, Red Tornado wakes up in Australia. All he can say is 52 before going offline once again. We’ve more recently seen Tornado in the first issue of Justice League abandoning his robot body in favor of a real one. So for the next 35 weeks, it will be somewhat interesting to see Red Tornado make his way back “home”.

We also get to see Lex Luthor’s team in action, and then get to see them disintegrate under pressure and infighting.

Not a lot happens this week, and the action, while entertaining, seems lacking compared to the action from previous weeks.


The Good

  • Starfire and Lobo “talking”
  • Adam Strange never having seen Empire Strikes Back
  • Buddy Baker’s hint at Morrison’s breakdown of the fourth wall during the wrap of the Animal Man series

The Bad

  • The ho-huminess of the entire issue
  • We don’t get to hear Lobo utter any of his famous phrases



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