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It’s a Marvel-ous wedding this week as Black Adam and Isis tie the knot. But nothing is ever that simple in the DC Universe, is it?

Week Sixteen starts off on a very happy note; Black Adam takes Isis to a little garden where children of Kahndaq have been planting in honor of the person who saved them. It is quite touching to find an empty plot that is waiting for Isis’ brother to return. Why is Black Adam being so nice all of a sudden? He has brought Isis to the garden to propose to her. Her answer, or course, is yes.

While preparations for the wedding take place, we find out where Renee and Charlie have been for the last two weeks. They have been hiding out in shipping containers sent by The Question’s friend Tot. Living with rats hasn’t been a bed of roses, but it finally causes Renee to put two and two together from a couple of weeks ago – Intergang is planning on using the rat poison as a blood thinner in a bomb at Black Adam’s wedding.

What is really interesting in this issue is the appearance of the entire Marvel family. Mary Marvel is serving as Isis’ maid of honor and does a good job of trying to persuade her not to marry Adam.


Captain Marvel is able to get out of the Rock of Eternity for short periods, and since he has given Adam permission to wed, he serves as the officiator of the ceremony. There is an excellent exchange between Marvel and Adam about what happens after the wedding, and even though they are at odds with one another, the two seem to think family matters, even if they don’t agree.

Captain Marvel Jr. is working crowd control along with Mr. Tawky Tawny. Even Uncle Dudley makes an appearance (sans uniform), ordering food to keep Tawny from eating someone in the crowd.

And what a crowd it is, it appears as if the entire country of Kahndaq has turned out to help celebrate the magnificent day. This of course makes it much harder for Renee and Charlie to find the mad bomber. As they work through the throngs, the wedding gets underway, and it is an interesting affair to watch. The four Marvels call forth the Seven Virtues to bless the union, and amid the thunderclaps, Renee spots the bomber – a young girl.

Renee says she can’t shoot a kid, and in a two page spread that jumps back and forth between the wedding ceremony vows, the prayer of the bomber, and Renee’s exchange, she makes her choice and pulls the trigger. The sound of the gunshot is covered by more thunder and most of the crowd doesn’t hear/see the shooting. The Question tells Renee she didn’t have a choice, while high above Captain Marvel concludes the ceremony.


Black Adam and Isis spend their first night together as husband and wife…

This storyline has been a great one to follow. The interaction between Isis and Adam has been a great one, and we see her love change Adam for the better. But, as I’ve mentioned before, we haven’t seen Isis in any of the OYL titles, which means we are probably being set up for a tragic ending to this love story.


We finally find out what Animal Man, Starfire and Adam Strange have been up to, as they finally blast off from their prison planet. I didn’t think this section was done very well, and seemed rather rushed. I guess it had to be done, as next week’s issue is all about their travels home, and the reappearance of Lobo.

The Good

  • Isis’ wedding gown…or rather lack thereof
  • Renee’s inner struggle while deciding to shoot or not
  • Black Adam’s nervous conversation with Captain Marvel while getting ready for the ceremony
  • The artwork rocks this week! Way to go Joe Bennett
  • Black Marvel

The Bad

  • What’s up with Adam and Isis exchanging places from one panel to the next? The two panels were side by side, how could that be messed up? Is this a goof, or something more?


  • Not sure I really needed to see the entire Marvel family… ugh… Uncle Dudley…

The Black Adam storyline has been a huge fan favorite since 52 began, and this chapter is quite the highlight.



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