UNIONJ001_covFNv1.jpgMarvel Comics has sent us a sneak peak of Union Jack #1, by Ed Brubaker and Mike Perkins.

Bursting out of the current Captain America story arc “21st Century Blitz” comes Britain’s premier super hero Union Jack in his very own mini-series.

Written by Christios Gage and art by Mike Perkins, fresh off of his stint on Captain America with Ed Brubaker, Union Jack will redefine the hero from the British Isles for a new generation.

When Union Jack’s boss at MI5 risks innocent lives to bring down an enemy, Union Jack has to decide whether London’s only chance of survival is if he strikes out on his own. Featuring a cadre of villains including Batroc the Leaper, Boomerang, Jack O’Lantern, Machette, Zaran, Crossfire, Shockwave, and others, Union Jack #1 finds England in trouble like it has never been before.

With only a few hours to prevent multiple super-villain attacks on London, Union Jack enlists the aid of Sabra and a new Arabian Knight. But will they be able to stop a coordinated attack on the United Kingdom by themselves?

If you’ve been reading Ed Brubaker’s brilliant run on Captain America, you don’t want to miss Union Jack #1 by Cap artist Mike Perkins with an all-new story picking up from Union Jack’s guest appearance in the pages of Captain America.

UNION JACK #1 (of 4) (JUL061996)
Pencils & Cover by MIKE PERKINS
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 8/31, On Sale – 9/20/2007

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